Charles Terrill

Humanitarian, Chairman & CEO CHT4 Corp

Welcome, I am a Humanitarian, Inventor and Venture Capitalist. I started the venture capital firm of CHT4 to Invest in Humanity





and Happiness™. I enjoy meeting and helping people who want to save the planet and help others. You can see the most recent list of projects I am working on at When I'm not working on these projects you can find me with friends playing chess or sitting under an umbrella at the beach or walking around Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts. Meditation, bike riding and basketball gets jammed in there too somewhere. On Thursdays, you can find me at the Venture Cafe in Kendall Square. ( ) where all types of interesting people from the startup community come to meet and discuss their work, ambitions and life. I encourage you to come down. If there is anything I can help you with please send me a message in the box below. Best regards, Charles
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